My Buddy Wiz was in the hospital and they could not find his rare blood type anywhere, but lo and behold the HLV came to his rescue with the right type blood for him and all is well now. That isn't whiskey, but then again it was, but it was filtered first... Thru the HLVs kidneys! So it was the best medical solution to give the Wizard, [seeing as how nice he has been to the HLV] , in our Viking doctors opinion.. The transfusion running thru his body is the animated part.

 Dramatization by the Happy Little Viking

Filtered thru the HLVs kidneys! Groan!!!!

I think it is only fair to let the Happy Little Viking know that due to a bathroom shortage, we are forced to share a single facility! It is state of the art! Just don't look up HLV! Gravity takes care of the animation in this one!


Recreation by Barlekis the Wizard


A trick to get HLV's pure blood! DANG those sneaky wizzies!!


Animation by Mr Minster