From the writings of Barlekis the Wizard………
For the last few decades, it has been apparent to this council that others are actively seeking to recover the legendary lost sword of the Rathskellar. Many have tried to trace its location but none have succeeded. Some have died, some have disappeared and some have just given up.

But one legendary hero seems to be on the right track. The council has heard that the Happy Little Viking has traced the sword, from its origins in Weinerschnitzel to it’s current location. Our one fear has been that someone outside the council would find the sword and then achieve all that the sword would endow.

Then we found the missing piece of the parchment. It had torn off and lay for eons behind a statue of the wizard goddess Maggie. One of the clerks recovered it and brought it to me. As I read it, I had to smile.

The Magic Sword Part 2