Ancient Viking Lore And Tales Handed Down Through True Vikings.
The Fountain Of Genius, Animation Was Created By "ACADIE". And so was this story.
She Is Also A Viking.

 Animation by Acadie and the Happy Little Viking

That is no ordinary water coming out of this fountain. I believe it is still in that old village where the Happy Little Viking's Great Great Grand Pa lived..... That is the same water that my dad smuggled in from Denmark to America. His great great grandpa had it hid in a fjord near Jutland Denmark where he was born. That water has been wanted by every powerful man in the world. It contains elements only know to the Vikings, that when drank mixes with the Viking brain cells and gives the Vikings super astronomical intelligence. Although even with out it, Vikings are way above the mortal beings when it comes to intelligence... As It Is Told In Viking Folklore. And Passed On By Thorvald.

PS...It doesn't work for Wizards, cause a person has to have Some kind of intelligence to begin with!


I'mmmm Backkkkkk Wiz..........