Whew!!!! It wasn't easy but I snuck up on the King of the VRR while he was sleeping. He was out under a big oak tree in his sleeping bag with his head hiding down in the bag. He thought no one would know who he was and he could grab a good night's sleep.

But.. he didn't reckon on someone recognizing his snore!!! I sneaked up real quiet... grabbed the zipper on the bag and zipped it up all the way around. Tossed him over my shoulder (whew, is he heavy!), hopped on my motorized scooter and dragged him off to jail!!!

I had to blush when I shook him out of the bag ... he was dressed in his black socks and skivvies!!! That's okay.. no place to hide his VRR Signal gun... so he's here to stay!!!

Animation courtesy of Mary Lou

Okay Boss, I'm here to help!

    Animation by Biscotti