About a week ago, as I was traveling through the space-time continuum on my way to Lippo Twelve (I had been invited to a blupper-ware party by my mother-in-law, the Grand Doohickey of Plodmire), I saw the strangest site. As my bubble-ship passed by this lonely asteroid, I managed to grab my camera and shoot this short footage.

Animation by Artifice Magic Master

Then, the zip drive kicked in and I was gone. Didn't even get to ask the poor wretch his name? Darn!

The horrible thing about this story (other than that poor wretch circling that lonely asteroid) is my Mother-In-Law talked my wife in buying 4,000 Bleebs worth of blupper-ware! Where in the universe am I going to find that kind of moola? I just may have to get a job!