I have been led to understand that Vikings spend hours trying to solve this puzzle! :question

 Animation by Barlekis the Wizard

I don't know but I was raised, that if you can't see a picture in a picture frame, then turn the frame over...So Wiz old buddy I turned the frame over for you just in case you didn't have a tutorial on how to do that. And what do you know the VRR did have a puzzle on there. HLV

Animation by Happy Little Viking

Hummmmm?????? :question
I turned mine over! :laughing

Animation by Barlekis the Wizard

Whenever one of our puzzles are stolen, the writing you have on the back says that; and a person usually gets a scruffy beard and receding hairline and has a tendency to wear a blue pointed hat and blue cloak with several stars and moon shapes on the clothing.. from absconding with one. I'm sure a person can't help themselves when they take things that don't belong to them. grin...HLV