The oddest thing happened to me the other day. Mrs Wiz and I were out for a drive in the countryside when we came to this small town out in the middle of nowhere. The townspeople were all excited and running around yelling BS! BS! BS! We thought that was some kind of local custom!

Mrs Wiz and I had no idea what was going on so we kept driving. We drove around a corner and we saw something weird. There was a windmill and the townsfolk had tied someone to one of the blades. He was twirling around and around yelling something about Awe-stray-lea-h??? We couldn't quite understand him.

I had only a moment. I pulled out my video camera and was able to record about 2 or 3 seconds of tape before the townspeople saw us. They quickly forced me back into my car and took my camera (luckily I had ejected the tape and tossed it under the car seat).

We were told to drive away and forget everything we saw that day. Poor Mrs Wiz was in tears and it has taken me the better part of the day to calm her down. It was quite an experience. One I will never forget. Here is the snippet of tape I was able to shoot before being told to drive away. Pretty sobering!

I wonder what this poor schmuck did to deserve this?

 Animation by Barlekis the Wizard