The Wizard-Viking Wars

It is unknown exactly how the Wizard-Viking Wars began. Some say it began as a misunderstanding, others say it evolved due to cultural differences. There are those who, when asked, just smile and shake their heads while others are quick to point out the years of Viking Outrages committed upon the Defenders of the Forum.

However it began, there is no end in sight. Both sides believe they are in the right and both sides believe the other is wrong.

Since before time, Wizards and Vikings were the best of friends. They attended each other's weddings and funerals. Many Wizard children found themselves named Olaf and Inga while Viking boys marveled in their birth names, Merlin and Gandalf. They even held a yearly Poker Tournament. 

 Animation by Barlekis the Wizard

   Wizard scholars even attempted to solve that Age Old Question                                          

 Animation by Barlekis the Wizard

              But then things began to go bad. Odd things started

                  to happen. Things out of anyone's control.